At Housing Online, we have a wealth of experience working on internet and desktop software solutions from small business, through to large scale corporate enterprises. If you need advice on existing systems or help designing effective solutions for your business needs, we can provide professional consultation.

Monitoring & Reporting

We personally monitor all of the applications we host to ensure you are getting the best service we can provide at all times. Every website project includes fully automated Google Analytics based reporting configured to deliver scheduled statistics directly to you.

Web Design

We design and build simple yet creative websites that will make your business stand out. We provide an extremely user-friendly content management system that enables you to personalise your own website. Editing content is as easy as logging in, selecting a page and making changes.

Personal Service

At Housing Online, we take great pride in providing prompt and personal customer service. Your projects are managed by fully qualified, highly experienced developers and we ensure all communications are handled internally by those same people.

Web Hosting

Regardless of whether you want to host a simple website, a business extranet, eCommerce application or even if you need a fully managed VPS/cloud computing service, we have a solution for you. Please contact us for detailed information on our hosting services.

Reliable Infrastructure

We utilise the very best data centres across the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe. Every project hosted by us will be run on top quality servers and you can trust that we will look after them day and night. After all, we know that the internet never sleeps.


1. To give your tenants and residents the ability to view and check their accounts and any relevant information relating to or affecting their accommodation, anytime, online 24/7: an online database.

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